The notion of “common good” captures our responsibility to educate one another in a way that is edifying, enriching, and honoring of God and neighbor. One of the most important aspects Peachtree’s outreach regards the support and development of Christian causes in Atlanta and throughout the world.

Local, National, and Global Christianity
A foundational priority at Peachtree concerns its passion for advancing the goodness of the gospel to all places and to all peoples. Because of this, a significant portion of the outreach budget goes directly to new church and para-church work, missionary support, and similar evangelistic/discipleship initiatives.

Care for the City
We acknowledge that being part of a community inherently means we will come to know of immediate and pressing needs inside and outside of the church. Financial support is given to individuals in need of food, shelter, and basic utilities. There is a formal process to receive this assistance, and a system is placed so that that we can help as many people as possible within a given operating year.

Creation Care
Viewing creation care is a fundamental theological responsibility, it is vital for Peachtree to do all that it can in our city and world to act faithfully in view of all creation. In addition to service opportunities and special initiatives, Peachtree is a certified Green Chalice congregation. Being certified as Green Chalice congregation is more than a certificate; it is a critical reminder for Peachtree to take seriously both local and on-site creation-care commitments.

Restorative Justice
Because the gospel message necessitates the discovery of life in places of brokenness, we understand our Christian vocation as a task in restoring harmony and peace in places where there have been grave fractures. For example, working to eliminate human trafficking, or being a people of peace for those who are incarcerated, are places where Peachtree Christian Church can explore what it means to live gently, hopefully, and faithfully in a broken world.