Vibrant adult education has long been a hallmark of Peachtree Christian Church. From serious bible studies to dynamic programming, we are indebted to those who have prioritized Christian education with an eye toward how faith can be lived out within a community of faith, hope, and love.

We seek to honor this legacy while thinking about best practices in our ever-evolving context. Peachtree offers educational opportunities that are edifying, enriching, and honoring of God and neighbor.

Special CLASSes:


Wednesdays | 7 pm | Library

Relive the story of Paul’s action-packed ministry and follow the development of Paul’s thought throughout his physical and spiritual travels. This class will be taught by Rev. Wortman and will explore the life of one of early Christianity’s most fascinating figures, offering insight into his mind and influential message. Cost: $35 (includes childcare, course materials. and dessert.)

Contact: Rev. Jared Wortman | | x 303

Forgiving as We’ve Been Forgiven

Sundays  10 am   |  Classroom #215

Forgiveness is about more than the isolated acts and words of individuals. To forgive and be forgiven, we need communal practices and disciplines for a way of life that makes for peace. The class will explore a variety of different ideas and topics relating to what it means to understand and practice forgiveness in our world today. Co-taught by Dr. Julie Dorney and Rev. Jared Wortman 

Contact: Rev. Jared Wortman | | x 303

Sunday School Classes 10 AM

Fellowship Class, Classroom 217: An in-depth bible study following the Uniform International Bible lesson series that covers the entirety of scripture every six years offering an opportunity for fellowship and encouragement. 

Partners, Classroom 210: Peachtree’s oldest continuous class that began in 1946. The class follows the Present Word series of Bible studies, and all ages are welcome. 

Connecting Scripture, Classroom 212: An in-depth look at the weekly lectionary texts and how they work together thematically. 

Route 66, Classroom 214: A discussion-based group that explores books on thought-provoking topics related to Christian life in today’s world.

Horizon Class, Classroom 216: A class that uses both special studies and the Present Word series of Bible studies to engage and apply Scripture.