Reverend Jarrod Longbons is the sixth Senior Minister of Peachtree Christian Church in its illustrious 90-year history. Rev. Longbons and his wife Colleen are natives of Central Illinois, and both have been blessed to come from Christian homes. As a teenager, Rev. Longbons sensed a calling to vocational ministry and has spent his entire adult life pursuing this calling. He preached his first sermon at age fifteen, and he has since served in each of the three main branches of the Campbell-Stone Movement: Disciples of Christ, Independent Christian Churches, and Churches of Christ. This experience combined with the movement’s ethos toward unity has shaped Rev. Longbons’ deep desire for inter-denominational Christian unity and authentic community.

Rev. Longbons has an undergraduate degree in theology and homiletics from Lincoln Christian University, and a master’s degree in contemporary theology focusing on theology, philosophy, and ecology. He earned his PhD in theology from the University of Nottingham under the supervision of John Milbank. Rev. Longbons’ research focuses on the doctrine of creation, ecology, and the church as a “community of creation.” In addition to serving the local church and his theological scholarship, Rev. Longbons has enjoyed the occasional adjunct teaching position and opportunities to guest lecture.

His wife Colleen is an analyst with State Farm Insurance Company. She has been an indispensible part of his ministry for over ten years, first as a volunteer to youth and then later as a mentor to young women and as a member of various groups: worship teams, book clubs, Bible classes, and children’s programs. Rev. Longbons describes Colleen as his, “partner in redemption” who “enchants the world.” They have two daughters and a son.

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