Jarrod's Fave Five

Hi All! 

Here is are five of my favorites for the week, a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering.

1.) A podcast I am pondering: The Art of Manliness, episode on Mental Maps

It is true, how we make decisions is based on the mental maps we have constructed. We are never fully objective. This interview discusses how learning new concepts, and from various fields of study can broaden your mental maps and help you make better decisions. 

2.) A Series of Videos that intrigue me: Bishop Robert Barron's "Pivotal Players: Flannery O'Connor"
Bishop Barron loves to delve into the lives of important Catholics. One such Catholic was the southern gothic writer, Flannery O'Connor. Here he takes a look into her life and thought through several videos--take a look. 

3.) A Piece of Art I am delighting in: "The Last Supper" by John August Swanson

For Christmas, Rev. Wortman gave me a signed print of Swanson's, and since I have delighted at his catalogue of sacred images. Check them out. 

4.) A challenge Considered: "Unplugging"

5.) A Challenging article about film and religion: How superhero films are replacing religion in teaching us how to live

Has cinema replaced the church? I think our faith and film series at PCC is very relevant, don’t you?