Jarrod’s Fave Five

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1.) An article I am reading: Can We Still Believe in Miracles by Luke Timothy Johnson

This article fairly assesses how the enlightenment tried to de-mythologize religion...and LTJ has some must read insights for being a believer in an age still defined by the enlightenment project.

2.) A Reality I am Mourning: Southern Baptist leaders vow to improve addressing sex abuse after papers’ report

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Friends, my prayer is for those who have been abused. We must work to eradicate abuse, especially from our communities that are meant to usher in God's Kingdom. In addition to praying for the victims, let us all repent for the wrongs we have done while representing God, and let us pray for repentance, and more--restoration. 

3.) A Podcast Episode I am Thinking About: You're Doing Delegation Wrong by EntreLeadership

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There are some good leadership gems in here. I really like the bit about leaders being close to the commas and not the decimal points. Wonder what I mean? Well, give it a listen. 

4.) A Talk to Watch: Magnolia Trees and Cardigan Sweaters: Unexpected Metaphors for God

This is from last year's TheoEd Talks at our neighboring church, First Presbyterian of Atlanta. Styled after a Ted Talk, this event asks leading theological thinkers, activists, and speakers to give the "talk of their life." I enjoyed my time there, enjoy this talk from the much read, Lauren Winner. 

5.) An Interview that I am Listening to, again: On Being interviewed Maria Papova

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Maria Popova writes a long form email once a week. It is full of book reviews and connections between big ideas. She is essentially a professional reader and sharer of the ideas she has read. I get this email every Sunday morning. Here, Krista Tippett interviews her, and there are some lovely gems in this interview. Popova has a new book coming out which is why this interview is being released again. Enjoy.