Three Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Three Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh


Lent is a journey of preparation for the cross and the resurrection. During this season we fast and pray in order to make space in our days, our hearts, our homes, and even our stomachs for God and neighbor.

Throughout its history, the Church has always sought to develop holy rhythms in daily life to do just this—setting aside times every day to open and orient ourselves toward God. As sunflowers turn throughout the day to follow and face the sun, so we turn in prayer toward our source of life.

As a guide along this journey, we are offering this prayer book for individuals or groups, which is essentially a simplified version of the daily office in the Book of Common Prayer. We have set aside three times for prayer: MorningMidday, and Evening. What exact time you do these is up to you. Simply follow along.

Every day there will be new psalms and readings from Scripture, so in addition to this prayer book, you will need a Bible or internet access. You can find a chart of references in the back of the booklet or by following the "daily readings" link below. 

Daily Readings